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From the Department of You Can't Make This Shit Up:


For the short version-furious that they can't simply be allowed to be as medieval as they want to be, Ultra-Orthodox religious fanatics in Israel chose to protest by dressing up as death camp inmates.

I cannot for the life of me think that there is any way where this is remotely a good idea in any sense. I mean first of all, the simple use of that garb by Israelis in Israel who are hijacking a state founded by atheist socialists for their religious shenaningans is itself quite ironic. Second, historically the actual Holocaust killed a great number of anti-Zionist Jews and people who were Jewish only by Nazi standards, not in the least by their own (such as a current Catholic saint/almost-saint). The Orthodox in the Jewish areas of Poland and the Soviet Union did die, yes, but they were far from the only targets of the Holocaust.

Finally, I just have to wonder what possessed those people to remotely see this as an idea that would go down well with anyone save themselves.Your thoughts?
Tags: fundamentalism, israel
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