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Illegal Gastarbeiters in Russia

Yesterday a popular Russian TV channel NTV broadcasted a documentary under the title “Gastarbeiters –  The History of All-Russian Deception”. This documentary is a very important event. It is very rare that really vital Russian problems are discussed in the media with such a degree of frankness.

The points touched upon are

  1. The flow of illegal immigrants is uncontrollable; today every tenth in Russia is illegal migrant from the former Soviet republics. Official bodies cannot give even an approximate number. The officially reported numbers differ millions

  2. There is a myth that local Russian residents do not want to do a dirty work – you cannot get a job if you are not an illegal immigrant deprived of any rights.

  3. There is a myth that their salary is low. The official wages are very high, even those of, say,  janitors.

  4. But the workers get only a small part of it; the rest is robbed by the employers and the officials of various levels.

  5. There is a long chain of corruption from low-level policemen and immigration officers  up to a top-level persons who are interested in preserving this system.

  6. The illegal foreign workers are treated like slaves, like beasts. You can refuse to pay them their money and chaise them off your construction site – there is a mob waiting outside to take their places, you can even kill them – nobody will have questions.

  7. If we, the Russians, accept all this, there will be our turn to become slaves for the greedy fat thieves gobbling our country.

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