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LiveJournal - or - DeadJournal?

Hi again, you bunch of pissed off whiners LJ-ers who want nothing more but to get back to normal LJ services! I hope this post will pass through the LJ sieve as there seems to be a limit for the length of posts lately (see below). Anyway, if it doesn't post I'll cut the first half shorter and the second I'll post as a first comment - which I suggest that you do too when you make longer posts (yay, we Bulgarians are so cunning!). So I'll try to make this follow-up update as concise as possible. Your daily scan through the Russian press found this:
The N.American and S.American hackers finally left LJ alone.

The LJ attacks are over
...But there are still some difficulties. Most attacks originated in South America, and included not just virus attacks but also massive servers hosted in North America.
It's unclear when all problems will be solved.
No data was lost.

LJ doesn't allow long posts
Blogger Anton Nosik believes the LJ admins have blocked posts longer than 2048 symbols deliberately, and make us believe it's a result of the attacks.
It's not just the attacks; it's about the incompetence of the LJ admins.
There've been calls to suspend the dissident bloggers to get rid of the targets and avoid further attacks.
The attacks are part of a plan to weaken the opposition before the coming elections.
Prominent bloggers are planning to leave LJ, or at least are creating reserve mirror blogs elsewhere (some famous Russian journalists and opposition politicians are listed).
Blogger #1 drugoi is moving to a standalone mode. His hopes are on Google+.
Interesting poll: what would you do if "Live" Journal finally dies? a) I'll kill my PC. 2) I'll commit suicide. 3) I'll sue them in Strasbourg. 4) I'll join Limonov's party. 5). I'll opt for Google+. 6) Will go to Blog-F. 7) What is LJ?

...And I think I've hit length limit.
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