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Putin ain't happy

Russia's take on Trump: Glee gives way to frustration

Well, that took only a short while, didn't it?

Just about a month or so into this administration, and the presumed Kremlin Candidate has turned out just as untrustworthy from a Putin standpoint as I previously predicted (ha! clairvoyant me, etc).

Sure, even if the Kremlin believes it's too soon to determine the course of their relations with the US from now on, and despite all their denials that they're now growing increasingly discontent and frustrated with the Don's unpredictability, the first signs of cracks are starting to appear. His tweets about Crimea have raised quite a few eyebrows over there.

Mind you, Trump's ascent was never quite seen as a long-term victory by Russians. If you ask anyone there about this, they'd rather give you a cautious answer much to the effect of, "We'll see". And also, "Whatever they say, this is stil America" - meaning, "they're our rivals". Sure, Trump's entire campaign rhetoric may've created the impression that he'd be amicable to comrade Putin and he'd unconditionally cave in to any Russian demands - but the fact that making America great again would inevitably often come into direct conflict with keeping Volodya permanently happy, has begun to kick in rather quickly.

Ultimately, being the pragmatic vodka-junkies that they are, the Russians may've never had any true illusions about Trump's presidency to begin with. In this sense, being "disappointed" by him is an overstatement. So don't take all the glee from his election that you could see around their press.
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A good text. Almost correct, except that it wasn`t Russian, but Americam press, that proclaimed strong ties between Putin and Trump. Russians always denied that.
And I find it a very good idea:
1) you blame someone for something he didn`t do;
2) you label him according your accusations
3) you blame him for not doing something he is supposed to do according to your label
P.S.: I also like that part in your post where you call Russians vodka-junkies, negroes - women-rapers, and jews money-stealing reptiloids. That ain`t rasim. Oh, no-no-no!


March 8 2017, 07:29:44 UTC 10 months ago Edited:  March 8 2017, 07:30:14 UTC

it wasn`t Russian, but Americam press, that proclaimed strong ties between Putin and Trump

Where have I said otherwise? Cite me.

negroes - women-rapers, and jews money-stealing reptiloids

Citation needed again. For what it's worth, those are the exact talking points you could hear in any randomly picked Russian media. So try again, but this time a bit harder.

Let me see. An extensive use of hyperbole and strawman. Comrade Putin has taught you well.

And by the way, a Russian is the last person to lecture me about racism, OK?
"Most Russians are rasists." sounds a bit of a prejudice, heh?
And unfortunately not everybody who disagrees with you was taught by Putin
Most online encounters with Russians seem to suggest otherwise.
Russians vodka-junkies, negroes - women-rapers, and jews money-stealing reptiloids

Sounds apt.
Ah. The bromance that was never meant to be. Back to square one then. Or possibly, square minus one.