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Shut Down Day 3: Mark Meadows (R) Descends into Gibberish

Just thought I'd add this fun bit of audio I found via Salon to the discussion:

Republican Representative Mark Meadows is now trying to spin the shut down as having nothing to do with Obamacare. The idea seems to be to pretend that he and his fellow Republicans are concerned civil servants horrified and suprised by the shut down (which they engineered) and eager to bring it to an end.

Unfortunately for him, NPR's Tamara Keith was there to ask a pertinent and (for Meadows) embarrassing question.

I've included a transcript after the cut, not just for readers who might not have audio available on their computers, but because the sheer incoherence of Meadows reaction is even more obvious when it's read.

Reporter: Okay, one followup, which is, is the COR really about the Affordable Care Act anymore or is it...(inaudible)

Rep. Mark Meadows: I was on the House floor today. This fight now has become about veterans and about, uh, national guard folks that perhaps, uh, reservists that are not getting paid. That's where the fight is today. Obamacare is mandatory spending. It's going on. Now what they're saying is, every day, they're saying 'no' to the people back home. That's unsustainable.

Tamara Keith: So why not run a full, just a full CR if you don't care about Obamacare anymore?

(brief, awkward silence)

Meadows: Why not vote on, on a full CR? Okay, because...

Keith: Yeah, sure, because if you're, if Obamacare isn't the issue to you anymore...?

Meadows: 'Cause it, it... twofold: One is, is, that when you when you start to look, they say 'clean CR?' That is, translates into into to truly a blank check, and, and so Obamacare is an issue for me and my constituents but what happens is today is we gotta figure a way to open it back up and, and with that, in opening it back up, when we start to look at these issues, it, it is critical that we make it...the decisions we, we make to be as least harmful as they possibly can be.

Meadows' response is a treasure trove of senseless empty jargon intended to avoid actually answering the question. "Translate into..." "but what happens is..." "with that..." "when we start to look at these issues..." arglebarglemorblewhoosh, sorry, I gotta go...

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