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Rendering Unto Caesar: The Clean Parade‏

Slavery is an institution of inescapable logic. It cannot allow mental freedom because that would result in corporal freedom. A mental prison is an essential aspect of each of the infamous dehumanizing institutions of slavery. An example of this kind of prison marched through my neighborhood this past Saturday leaving very little debris behind. Unlike the massive refuse left in the wake of the Giants' victory parade, the amount of trash left behind by the mental prisoners was minuscule. Take that for what it is worth.

A rally prior to the clean parade at our Civic Center presented an orgy of effigy burning. Obama was stoned metaphorically in abstentia for his rational, humane policies. He was savagely attacked for the sin of failing to kowtow to the despot in the sky or to the slaveholder in Rome. People in the audience carried balloons marking themselves with the sign of beastly life. Others carried placards of relative high production value courtesy of the Knight of Caesar Columbus. Although not all of the folks there professed an allegiance to the Roman Pontifex Maximus, the majority fell into that category of subjugation.

Two thousand years ago it made sense for Caesar to outlaw the trade in prophylactic herbs. Given the high rates of infant mortality and other causes of death, women had to give birth to an average of five infants per person per lifetime in order to maintain the imperial population. (It also made sense from the imperative to enslave people by limiting their ability to control themselves.) Given the state of modern medical technology, such a birth rate would result in a population that exceeds the carrying capacity of the Earth. The only rational explanation for someone supporting such a policy is that she is not using her head. These people are clearly trapped in a prison of primitive precepts. If Jesus were alive today, he would role over in his sepulcher.

[News video from the event in the American capital.]

Do you see any hope for the liberation of these people from their blind obedience to Rome?

Links: Lifers show their balloons. The event in Washington DC.
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