Fridi (luvdovz) wrote in talk_politics,

Yet another Russian madness

It's a fact now. A law that used to be in place only in St. Petersburg and a few other Russian towns, is already federal law. It's the law banning "propaganda" of homosexuality in the presence of minors. The measure has caused a storm of protests from the human rights circles, but those protests are now being crushed, as seen in the above article.

Of course, Putin has signed the bill into law without a shred of remorse. The other head of the uneven two-headed hydra, Medvedev had his reservations, but he's not the one who's calling the shots. Putin is. And dear leader has now protected Mother Russia from those pesky evil gays. The Russians can sleep well, now that this major threat has been removed.

How did this even happen?Collapse )
Tags: gay rights, legislation, lgbt, russia
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