Kia (ddstory) wrote in talk_politics,

What a classy Christmas

It's curious how a good number of 2nd Amendment advocates now don't seem to have any problem with being prepared to stomp on the 1st Amendment by furiously petitioning for the deportation of a British CNN anchor. His major transgression? Having stated his opinion about gun control - an opinion that some people hated in their guns guts.

I guess the best way to summarize this is: STAY CLASSY, AMERICA.

Get him out! Petition to deport Piers Morgan from US over gun control remarks attracts 59,000 signatures

"The CNN host provoked the fury of gun rights activists when he interviewed Gun Owners of America executive director Larry Pratt"

He called Mr Pratt "stupid, dangerous, idiot". Apparently, this warrants him being deported like a common criminal. You know, offending someone is now on par with drug trafficking.

But that"s nothing. Words are just wind. Here"s where it gets really interesting.Collapse )
Tags: freedom of speech, gun laws, scandal, violence
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