Hlynkacg (sandwichwarrior) wrote in talk_politics,

Alternate History: The final frontier

To be honest I've never been a big fan of alternate history. It seems to me that actual moments where history truly "hangs in the balance" are staggeringly few and far between. Sure the details may be subject to change but the broad strokes history tend to be set in stone long before the participants take the stage. The kind of stories where the 3rd Reich wins WWII always reminded me of the sort of bad slash-fiction where Ron Weasly becomes a Death-Eater.

That said, what-if stories do occasionally make for some delicious mind candy.

This picture was taken 40 years ago today. The man in the suit is Eugene Cernan, the last human being to set foot on another celestial body....

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Tags: history, hypothesis, space
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