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LoL. Legless Lego Legolas!

With just a week remaining before the official premiere of The Hobbit part 1, news and hints of the movie are flooding the global info-sphere like a horde of Orcs. Now that we know the movie will be stuffed with spectacular battles and elf-on-dwarf love (Kate from Lost playing an elvish warrior princess, WTF?), the latest addition to this awesome hype is Colbert's series of interviews with actors from The Hobbit, which has spanned the whole week: first Gandalf ("You! Shall!... Pass!"), then Bilbo himself ("Here's a Lego Legolas. A leg-less Lego Legolas."), and then monkey Caesar... er, I mean Gollum, etc etc etc. Also, where the Orodruin Hell did Colbert get the Sting from!?

The map at the beginning of this week's Colbert Report is hilarious btw:

"Hipster's Deep"? ROFL!

I loved this bit the most:

And yes, there IS a legless Lego Legolas!

Btw what's all this debate on the 48 frames per second thing? Why do some people seem to hate it so much?
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