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Monthly topic

Hey folks! December has descended upon us. Can you smell the holidays already? Well, with the coming of the new month, it's time for our new monthly topic. The one you chose last time:

Alternate History Scenarios

Fascinating stuff! And timely: with the coming of holiday season, perhaps it's time we unleash our imagination and visualise historic events that never came to be, or may one day become true. Depends. How good a fiction writer are you? ;)
Some details:

- Alternate history literature through the ages: from Atlantis to sci-fi.
- Alternate history in the contemporary fantasy genre.
- Alternate history presented as conspiracy theory.
- Role-playing games and game simulations based on alternate history.
- American Civil War alternate histories.
- Axis victory in World War II alternate history.
- The butterfly effect and time travel.
- Historical revisionism and denial.
- History is written by the winners.
- History interpretation changing with the accumulation of new data.
- Pseudohistory: catastrophism, psychohistory, ancient astronauts, the Antediluvian world.
- Secret histories of the real world.
- Uchronia: hypothetical or fictional time-periods of our world.
- Fictional worlds and fictional histories.
- Futurism and post-apocalyptic fiction scenarios.
- Various "if" scenarios (a free-for-all brainstorm).

And here's the poll for January!

Poll #1882395 Monthly topic
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Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 24

What should be the next monthly topic?

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Cultures of the world
4 (9.8%)
Power of the media
4 (9.8%)
Family and gender
4 (9.8%)
Economics and capitalism
5 (12.2%)
Law, crime and justice
3 (7.3%)
International relations and conflict
2 (4.9%)
Failed states and ideologies
4 (9.8%)
Secret societies and hidden agendas
4 (9.8%)
Politics in the visual arts
4 (9.8%)
Charts & maps analysis
7 (17.1%)

Feel free to suggest more.
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