Kia (ddstory) wrote in talk_politics,

What We-The-People truly means

The terms 'Constitution' and 'crowdsourcing' may not usually appear often in one and the same sentence. But if you put them in a Google search today, you'd instantly get a suggestion for adding a third word: "Iceland". Because Iceland has become the first country in the world to venture asking its own citizens how they want their basic law to look like. And so far the results haven't been bad at all.

My tiny rock in the North Atlantic may've just given a new meaning to one of the fundamental principles of democracy: that all power originates from the people. And even if the Icelandic experiment may look inapplicable to most other places (for various reasons; size and homogeneity being cited most often), and even though the Icelandic model may not be a universal scenario for closing the widening gap between power elites and society at large... at least it does provide a curious, if not even exotic example.

Take our country back, you say? So here"s how we wrote our own Constitution...Collapse )
Tags: constitution, democracy, north europe
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