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23 years of pseudo-mocracy

Greetings, numerous Americentric domestic-policy maniacs curious folks who are always eager to learn something new about the world! As per my own tradition established a year ago, I always say a few words on this day about the birth of democracy in my country. Because November 10, 1989, was when communism collapsed here and Freedom and Liberty reigned supreme forever and ever, till kingdom come. 23 years, you say? Wow, that's a long time ago. And it happens that I remember it as if it was yesterday. And I remember most of what has happened since then. So maybe a little retrospection wouldn't hurt (much)?

Today is the 23rd birthday of Democracy in Bulgaria. So what has this date brought us? Well, at least in theory that's when the democratic change began. But the democracy that was brought to us wasn't exactly the democracy you might be imagining. It wasn't just a lie, it was something else. The greatest plunder in our history, if I might be so bold to say. After 1989 people believed that our country would truly change to the better. Now you have to understand that looking forward to the bright future has been a cultural thing here for many years, ever since the Ottomans cast a veil of darkness over the region.

So how"s that democracy working?Collapse )
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