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Monthly Topic

Hey! Is everybody allright after the superstorm? Hope so. Now that the new month has come, here's what you guys chose for a monthly topic:

Fringe Ideologies

Now that should be curious. With all these overwhelming amounts of mainstream politics around election time, exploring some awkward political ideologies might come as a refreshing change, eh? So here's what may or may not serve as some rough guidelines on the subject...

- Statism, socialism, Marxism-Leninism, Trotskyism, Maoism, Juche, communism, Eurocommunism.
- Nazism, fascism, neo-Nazism and neo-fascism, corporatism, oligarchism.
- Liberal conservatism, neoconservatism, paleoconservatism, libertarianism, individualism.
- Nationalism, chauvinism, jingoism, exceptionalism.
- Left-wing vs right-wing policies and principles.
- Zapatismo, Peronism, Baathism, Gaullism.
- Zionism: secular zionism, religious zionism and revisionist zionism.
- African socialism, Arab socialism, pan-Africanism, pan-Arabism, pan-Slavism, pan-Turkism.
- Anarchism: origins and schools of thought.
- Environmentalism, escapism, down-shifting, anarchist naturalism and primitivism.
- Post-modernist political movements, post-scarcity ideas and projects.
- Revolution and terrorism as a tool of political extremism.
- Anarcho-feminism, ecofeminism, postmodern feminism, radical feminism, womanism.
- Dominionism, Christian Left, Christian Right, Christofascism.
- Radical Islamism, pan-Islamism, the global Caliphate.
- Theocratic ideology and political movements based on religion.
- Radical Centre, distributism, Christian Democracy, Third Way.
- Grassroots organisations turned parties.
- Astroturf and special-interest political formations.
- Autarchism, autonomism, indigenism, panarchism, platformism, workerism.
- Parody parties and frivolous political parties.
- Non-human electoral candidates, mock candidacies.

And here's the poll for December!

Poll #1876460 Monthly topic
This poll is closed.

What should be the next monthly topic?

Customs, culture and tradition
Budget, debt and the economy
Political rhetoric and manipulation
Crime, law and order
Gender, family and sex
Geopolitics and diplomacy
Rogue states and failed economies
Secret societies and hidden agendas
Alternate history scenarios
Political satire and entertainment

Feel free to suggest more.
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