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Either speak only good, or nothing at all

Why is the figure of the prophet Muhammad who lived in the 7th century still so important and why does his life define the life of Muslims throughout the world in the 21st century to such an extent? And why are they so sensitive to everything that's even remotely related to him? Many of us might've asked themselves these questions.

First off, the followers of the prophet don't call themselves Muhammedans, they call themselves Muslims. And that's because Muhammad is not a god but just a prophet - one among many. And still, to every act that they interpret as an insult to Muhammad, they react in a way that many people from other religions would deem unacceptable, even if their own religious feelings do get hurt occasionally.

There's a huge set of examples for this - from The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie to the outcry about the Muhammad cartoons, to the Pakistani law against blasphemy, which is practically used for persecuting religious minorities. The recent attacks on the US embassy in Cairo, the assassination of the US ambassador in Libya and the protests and flag burning throughout the Muslim world are examples of such reactions on a massive scale. Because here we're not talking of Muhammad the historic person, but rather his image that the people of the Muslim faith have created for themselves.

So what really is going on?Collapse )
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